200+ Ice Cream Shop Names

Ice Cream Shop Names

Got an ice cream shop that needs a name? Look no further, we’ve got the scoop on affordable, creative names guaranteed to make your business a tasty success.

If you are an ice cream vendor, you probably need to come up with some pretty interesting ice cream shop names. The ideal name should be easily memorable and reflect the essence of your product.

On a hot, sunny day, one thought that pops up in all of our heads is: “What a beautiful day to have some ice cream!” Surprisingly, the underlying love for this delectable dessert lasts all year long and extends way beyond summertime!

Ice cream shops are packed even in the coldest of winters because there is nothing better than enjoying your favorite flavor in a cone or a cup with your friends and family.

If you are starting your own ice cream business, the first thing you need to come up with is a name. In this blog, we will share 200+ ice cream shop names with you to find one that is a perfect fit for your venture!

Here’s a huge list of names for you.

Funny Ice Cream Shop Names

People mostly enjoy ice cream while having fun with loved ones, so why not come up with a fun name for an ice cream shop?

A fun name will not only lighten up the moods of people passing by your store but will also motivate them to head in for a good time!

If you are looking to make your customers chuckle, here is a list of funny ice cream shop names you should consider:

1. The Big Dip

2. Churn It Up!

3. Moo Goes Mama

4. Scary Dairy

5. Treaty Creamatorium

6. Lickity Split

7. Phone A Cone!

8. Dare to Cream

9. Serious Scoops

10. Scream 4 Cream

11. King of Carts

12. The Cream Connection

13. Holy Cow!

14. Shake & Shave

15. Piled High Pleasure

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Creative Ice Cream Shop Names

Want to attract more people to your store? The best thing to do is to blow their minds with a one-of-a-kind name!

If you are a creative person, you should not have much trouble coming up with a creative name, but if you’re not, do not worry!

Here we have for you a list of creative ice cream shop names that will differentiate you from all existing shops in town:

16. The Mad Dog’s Creamery

17. Sacred Scoops

18. Land of Creams

19. Kreamy Kones

20. Cherry On Top!

21. Smiley Swirls

22. Rocky Mountaineers

23. Sweet Revenge

24. Ice & Vice

25. Custard County

26. Socially Iced!

27. Frosty Gods

28. Lil’ Pop Cones

29. Easy Breezy

30. A Junkie’s Creamery


Crazy Ice Cream Shop Names

Finding an attractive and brand-able name for your ice cream shop can be a difficult task. To make it crazy and memorable, you must use alliteration, rhythm, and find the right tone.

Here are some attractive ice cream shop names that will surely attract people inside:

31. Yummi Tummi

32. Here’s The Scoop!

33. Paradise Creamery

34. Over The Moon

35. Summertime Skies

36. Mr. Frosty’s (or Mrs. Frosty’s)

37. Freaky Freeze

38. Airy Delights

39. Kissy Kones

40. The Frosty Licks

41. Crème Cow Company

42. Sweet Creams

43. The Cold Corner

44. Ice Cream Renaissance

45. It’s Moo Time!


Cute Ice Cream Shop Names

Cute and straightforward names will be great for your ice cream shop, especially if your primary target audience is little children.

Following is a list of cute ice cream shop names that will surely give an impression of a happy place:

46. Scoops of Happiness

47. Summertime Sprinkles

48. The Ice Cream Chick

49. Starry Scoops

50. The Organic Cow

51. Little Sweet Treats

52. Farm To Table

53. The Famous Freeze

54. Drippity Droppity Cones

55. Off The Stick

56. The Swirly Station

57. DreamCicles

58. Crunch Time Cones

59. 5-Star Cones

60. Mootown Creamery


Dirty Ice Cream Shop Names

Do you think sophistication is boring? Why not pick a dirty name to gather adults to your ice cream parlor! There are so many ways to be dirty as well as creative with food.

Take a look at these hilariously-dirty names that will leave your customers in a chuckle:

61. Nuts, Please!

62. The Kinky Kreme

63. Feelin’ Nutty

64. Nutty Gelateria

65. Boozy Cones

66. The Rocket Cups

67. The Banana Bar

68. After Hours Creamery

69. The Sweet Chick

70. Let’s Roll!

71. Sugar Daddy’s Cones

72. All Things Cold!

73. Dip N’ Lick

74. The Sweet Spot

75. Cones Down Under


Catchy Ice Cream Shop Names

It’s not enough to open an ice cream shop and keep the first name that pops into your head.

You need a name with a story, a name that is catchy enough to make you the best in the business and keep your customers coming back.

Take a look at this list of catchy ice cream shop names for your business:

76. Cookie Monster Creamery

77. Maple Cones

78. Cherry Berry

79. WonderRolls

80. U-Swirl Creamery

81. The Comfy Cow

82. Screamin’ Scoops

83. Moo’s Mighty Cones

84. A Fundae Fest

85. Coney Island

86. Killato Gelato

87. The Nutty Squirrel

88. Hey, Sweety!

89. Thrifty Serves

90. -10 Degree Cones


Clever Ice Cream Shop Names

Nothing says, “This is a smart business!” like a clever business name!

If you want to sound smart and be the kind of place that attracts the brightest minds, look for a clever name that no one will have ever thought of before!

Here’s a list to help you:

91. Halo Cones

92. Cream City

93. The Time Traveller’s Creamery

94. Quantum Cream Leap

95. The Buzzy Bizzness

96. 5 Big Boys

97. The Freezing Point

98. The Marble Slab Palace

99. The Old Skool Creamery

100. Franklin’s Frozen Desserts

101. The 3 Crèmeteers

102. Addictive Whips

103. The Chill Zone

104. Cups Below 5

105. The Kind Kreme


Cartoon-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Names

Have you ever thought of naming your creamery after your favorite cartoon? Now is the time!

Make a list of popular cartoon character names throughout history and incorporate them into the name of your ice cream shop!

Below are some ideas for examples:

106. The Smurfs Spot

107. Superman’s Chill Zone

108. Spongebob SweetPants

109. Sesame Street Treats

110. The Flintstones’ Creamery

111. Snoopy’s Ice Cream Parlor

112. Moo With Pooh!

113. Goofyland

114. Barney’s Sweet Treats

115. Jerry’s Moo Town

116. Tweety’s Creamery

117. Ice Cream Bean

118. Patrick’s Cookies n Crème

119. Dexter’s Crème Lab

120. Popsicle Pete


Celeb-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Names

We hear celebrities’ names every single day.

From famous TV stars to singers, actors, and politicians, many celebrities might inspire the name of your ice cream shop!

Here are some celeb-inspired names we came up with:

121. Clooney’s Cones

122. Kimmy’s Kones

123. Cray Z Creamery

124. The Berrymore Store

125. Obama Mama!

126. Sandler’s Sweet Scoops

127. Treats Witherspoon

128. Scarlett Scoops

129. Lick Like Depp

130. Pitt’s Prime Cones

131. Cowney Jr.’s Creamery

132. Scoopy Smith’s Creamery

133. The Swifty Shoppe

134. Katy’s California Popsicles

135. The Great Gosling


Movie/TV Show-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Names

If celebrity names don’t fit your vibe, name your ice cream shop after a popular movie or TV show! Make sure you choose a movie or show that most people have seen. Here are some ideas:

136. Two And A Half Scoops

137. Citizen Cone

138. Creamy Gump

139. The Ice Cream Shank

140. Back To The Creamery

141. Rocky Roads Creamery

142. Lord Of The Cones

143. The Walking Cones

144. Game of Cones

145. Chilly at Grey’s

146. The Queen’s Creamery

147. Peaky Cones

148. Seinfeld’s Sweet Secrets

149. The Sweet Place

150. How I Met The Cones


Vintage Ice Cream Shop Names

Looking to create aesthetic, old-school vibes in your new ice cream shop? Choose vintage ice cream shop names!

Here are a few hints:

151. The Chunky Monkey

152. Honey’s Crème Parlor

153. Old Mill Creamery

154. Iceskimo Gelateria

155. Sweet Alchemy

156. The Victory Garden

157. Sweet Provisions

158. The Fair Trade Shoppe

159. Golden Delights

160. The Scooptacular Store

161. Plums And Pineapples

162. A Scoop On The Rocks

163. Enchanted Eve Treats

164. A La Mode

165. Heavenly Home


Unique Ice Cream Shop Names

Your ice cream shop’s name must not only be fun and sweet but also unique. Here is a list of unique ice cream shop names that you can keep for your new store:

166. Mi Amigo’s Treats

167. Dolcetti Gelato

168. The Hokey Pokey Creamery

169. Ice Max!

170. Pacific Creamery and Gelateria

171. Two Guys One Cone

172. Zesty Cones

173. The MilkyWave

174. Funnista Ice Cream Parlor

175. The Creamistry Between

176. The Cone Zone

177. Scoop Du Jour

178. The Irresistible Ice!

179. Lick Pure Cups & Cones

180. Fruityland


Homemade Ice Cream Shop Names

If you are running your ice cream delivery business from your home, why not add a homemade twist to the business’s name?

Here are the best 15 names for a homemade ice cream business:

181. [Your name]’s Tasty Toppings

182. [Your name]’s Homemade Gelato

183. The Ice House

184. Phone For Cones!

185. [Your name]’s Homemade Ice Cream

186. [Your name]’s Chill Zone

187. Home Stone Creamery

188. [Your name]’s Homemade Delights

189. Grandma’s Homemade Ice Treats

190. Mother [your name]’s Homemade Sweets

191. Love In A Cup

192. Love From Home

193. Sweet Sunshine

194. [Your name]’s Sweet Shack

195. Little Farmer’s Kitchen


[Your Name] Ice Cream Shop Names

There is nothing better than adding a personalized touch to the name of your ice cream shop. It not only reflects your personality but makes you known if your business takes a hit!

Here’s how you can add your name to your ice cream shop:

196. [Your Name]’s Sweet Shoppe

197. Gelato With [Your Name]

198. [Your Name]’s Sundae Funday

199. Sweet Treats by [Your Name]

200. [Your Name]’s Spoon Scoops

201. [Your Name]’s Creamery and Café

202. [Your Name]’s Frozen Social


Need more suggestions?

Here is a list of more ice cream shop names ideas:

  • The Ice Cream Factory
  • Cream Pit Ice Cream
  • Zillion Scoops
  • FrozenCow
  • Vanillater’s
  • Vanilla Vista
  • Razzle Dazzle Treats
  • I Scoop You Scoop Me
  • Menu Mashup
  • Cream House
  • Ice Cream Lab


Conclusion: Ice Cream Shop Names

We hope you liked this list of 200+ ice cream shop names for your new business.

Take a few of our ideas, add your personal touch to it, and BAM…you’ll have a unique, fun, and winning ice cream shop name.

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