Top 6 Juicers for Banana Ice Cream

Banana ice cream may seem outrageously sweet, but it can actually be healthier than you think. The pleasant sweetness of the bananas and their gorgeous creamy texture means you won’t have to add too much sugar or whipped cream.

And, the best part? The mushiness of the fruit makes it super-easy to churn in a juicer. That’s right; now you can enjoy scrumptious homemade banana ice cream all day long. While normal ice cream might require you to invest in an ice cream machine, this dessert can be easily rustled up in an ordinary juicer.

The key, however, is to add frozen ingredients so that you can get soft whips of ice cream. Above all, juicers are quite versatile kitchen appliances. They can be used to blend fruit and vegetable juices and chop down food.

Juicers offer a wonderful opportunity to get healthy nutrients in your diet in the form of a breakfast smoothie, green juice, or even a delicious bowl of banana ice cream. You can enjoy a quick, all-natural, and super-healthy cup of dessert in no time.

With big blades, juicers also allow you to add a variety of ingredients like nuts and chocolate chunks without any hassles.

Top 6 Juicers for Banana Ice Cream List

Here we’ve curated a list of the best juicers for banana ice cream that you should definitely invest in!

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Breville – The Juice Fountain Cold

Breville - The Juice Fountain Cold

Breville Juice Fountain Cold is ideal for those who don’t like to spend much time in preparation.

The juicer has a spacious interior that can fit multiple bananas into it.  This makes it a versatile, multipurpose, and an ideal appliance to make banana ice cream.

Make sure to add frozen ingredients into the juicer and watch how they all beautifully come together and create soft ice cream.

Its Cold Spin technology allows the ice cream mixture to flow upwards and cut through the stainless steel disc for a smooth and creamy texture.

The feed chute is extra wide, which means you can throw in nuts, cookies, and just about all your favorite ingredients while the ice cream is being made. An exceptional feature of this juicer is that it has a precise lock system in place.

The safety locking arm effectively covers the mixture and stops it from spilling. The motor is top-notch and fantastic, with 2 different speed settings to churn both soft and hard ingredients.

If you’re making ice cream with banana and whipped cream, you can set the juicer at a slow speed.

The machine also has a stainless steel filter basket that can catch any hard lumps or food pieces for a smooth and creamy ice cream texture. Plus, the 70-ounce jug and durable lid are a total bonus for quick homemade banana ice cream!

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Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Another great option for slow-juicing and ultimately better ice cream is Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer.

For a start, it has an extra-wide feed tube and multiple strainers for desserts and juices. Whether you want to churn ice cream, blend a smoothie, or make a frozen dessert, Kuvings Slow Juicer offers that and so much more.

The ice cream strainer is made from extra-fine mesh. This means all the fibers of the bananas and any hard lumps will be removed before the ice cream reaches the bowl. With three precise cleaning tools and a lid opener, you can easily scrape off the side of the chambers as the ice cream mixture churns.

And, if you thought this wasn’t enough, the appliance also has a carrying handle. You can take the juicer from the kitchen to the dining table to serve freshly whipped banana ice cream. Kuvings Slow Juicer is a dream machine for homemade ice cream and its stylish design really gives it an edge over others.

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Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer 

Here’s another great juicer that’s also super easy to clean.

The Hurom H101 Slow Juicer is exactly what you need to get soft dollops of banana ice cream. The juicing chamber can fit in large batches of ingredients to make ice cream for a big crowd.

Above all, it has big vertical grooves made from heavy-duty plastic. The strainer can be quickly cleaned and rinsed without any need for hard scrubbing to get all the food pieces out. The spacious chamber will use up all the ingredients efficiently, which means there’ll be less mess to clean afterward.

You can control the amount of ice cream that is being made each time. Plus, with its little trap door, there will be no chances of spillage or mess. There are separate strainers for ice cream, smoothies, and juices, which means you can enjoy a personalized dessert or juice each time.

All in all, Hurom H101 Slow Juicer is perfect in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Its quality, speed, and durability won’t deteriorate no matter how many times you use it to make banana ice cream.

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Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine

When it comes to the best value juicer, nothing can beat Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine. Not only does it give you quick homemade juice but it is also perfect for ice cream and frozen desserts.

The machine has a 3-inch extra-large feed chute, which means you can add in a handful of whipped cream and chopped bananas every time.

You won’t have to wait for one batch to finish so that you can add more ingredients. The BPA-free froth separator automatically takes out any hard lumps that might ruin the smooth texture of the ice cream.

Cut your cleaning time in half with its dishwasher-safe parts.

You also get two speeds that run from high to low to alter the creaminess and texture of your ice cream as you wish. Above all, the 40-ounce container makes it easy to make large batches without stopping to clean or adjust the ice cream mixture.

This product is perfect for those who like to make desserts with precision!

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Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer is a stylish appliance that does exactly what its name says – slow juicing.

Its Slow Squeeze technology gives your banana ice cream its sweet time to mix and swerve properly. While its capacity is less than other juicers, the machine ranks high when it comes to the consistency and texture of the ice cream.

The low-speed auger ensures that each and every ingredient is thoroughly folded into the ice cream mixture. And, the taste? With such precision, you can only expect the most divine banana ice cream. The motor is backed by a 10-year warranty, which means it will churn and blend with efficiency.

Rotating at only 43 RPM, making ice cream in the motor will be a noiseless, hassle-free process that you will truly enjoy.

With its stylish design and smooth eye-catching curves, Hurom HP Slow Juicer is just what you need for a quick cup of banana ice cream.

All in all, it’s user-friendly, easy to clean and assemble.

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Breville Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

Breville Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

We’ve come back to Breville again, and for good reasons. The Big Squeeze Slow Juicer comes with a special feed tube design that allows you to squeeze all the ice cream ingredients in a single go. With easy help from the pusher, the ingredients are thoroughly blended into a creamy mixture.

The juicer is hassle-free above everything since you won’t have to wait for the ingredients to mix properly before adding in more bananas or cream. Assembly is easy, smooth, and doesn’t take longer than a few minutes.

The stainless steel mesh filter stays shiny and durable for a long time. It’s also a convenient option for self-rinse. With an ultra-quiet motor that blends with precision and strength, your ice cream will be ready in no time.

The smart cap prevents spillages and drippings, which makes cleaning up much easier. The appliance has easy-to-read red dots on each part for easy and quick assembly.

And here’s a bonus that ice cream lovers will absolutely love—this juicer has forward and reverse control features so your ice cream will be churned in both directions for smooth, satiny banana ice cream.

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Conclusion: Best Juicer For Banana Ice Cream

Making ice cream is always fun and enjoyable. You can throw in your favorite sprinkles, cookies, and candies for a custom flavored ice cream. And, you won’t need an expensive machine for it because the above-mentioned juicers will suffice for the job.

Each juicer is versatile, durable, and almost mess-free. You can make large batches of ice cream in a single go. So, throw on your apron, get some sweet bananas, whipped cream, and sugar and blend them away in a juicer!

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