Top 5 Ice Cream Roll Makers to Buy in 2021

Best Ice Cream Roll Makers

Rolled ice cream has taken the world of desserts by storm. If you are planning on making this delicacy at home or starting up your own rolled ice cream venture, these are the best ice cream roll makers you need to buy!

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Originating in Thailand in 2009 and becoming popular across South Asia by 2012, rolled ice cream is a new trend that has taken the international dessert market by storm.

The rolled ice cream craze made its way to the United States in 2015 and has become immensely popular since then because, firstly, it is Instagram-worthy, and secondly, making rolled ice cream is considered an art.

At a rolled ice cream station, people love watching how the ice cream is prepared.

Rolled ice cream “artists” create the ice cream on a rolled ice cream grill that has a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius. Once you choose your cream-based flavor and mix it with ingredients like Oreos, crackers, cake, and fruit, the “artist” spreads the mixture on the ice pan in a square shape and rolls it up into slices with the help of a spatula.

Another reason why most people love this trend is that they can be creative with it. Instead of trying the primary flavors at a gelato store, one can now be imaginative and choose any mix-in ingredients with any cream base and toppings.

With rolled ice cream, there are no restrictions. This trend is also popular among people who are health conscious or lactose intolerant as they can choose cream bases made of almond or soy milk. Rolled ice creams offer something for everyone!

If you are an ice cream lover like us, you probably want to have rolled ice cream every single day, at least once a day. That’s how much we love it.

In the rest of this article, we shall discuss the best ice cream roll makers that you can purchase to make your own rolled ice cream or set up your own rolled ice cream business!

Top 5 Ice Cream Roll Makers You Must Keep an Eye Out For

In this section, we shall discuss some of the best ice cream roll machines, both manual and electrical, available on the market to make the best quality ice cream rolls!

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Roll Maker

Chef'n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker is the first ice cream maker on our list.

It is a manual, circular-shaped ice cream roll maker. Its small size makes it perfect for home use and can create up to 2 servings at once.

It is a multifunctional machine that can also make classic ice cream and frozen yogurt sorbets.

It is easy to use as it only requires you to pour ingredients on the fast-freeze pan and scrape them into rolls after mixing.

This highly-rated and slightly expensive top ice cream roll maker comes with a kit that includes a scoop, a spade, and a recipe book.


  • Well constructed but not heavy
  • Easy to use
  • Kid-friendly
  • Has simple instructions


  • Takes up space in the freezer
  • Does not work well with vegan recipes


Ete Etmate Roll Ice Cream Maker Plate

Ete Etmate Roll Ice Cream Maker Plate

Ete Etmate’s Roll Ice Cream Maker Plate is one of our favorites on this list!

If you are looking for a square-shaped ice cream roll maker that can make up to 3 servings and is affordable, this product is the right choice!

It does not require any electricity or rock salt.

It comes with a liquid in its base that needs to be frozen overnight so you can enjoy delicious ice cream the next day. It also comes in a kit with 2 spatulas.

The base and the spatulas are made of food-grade aluminum. Hence, you don’t have to worry about rusting or contamination.


  • Kid-friendly
  • Can be a good gift
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Takes up freezer space
  • Requires freezer to be 0 or lower
  • Does not come with a recipe book


Craft City Karina Garcia Ice Cream Rolls Art Kit

Craft City Karina Garcia Ice Cream Rolls Art Kit 

The Craft City Karina Garcia Ice Cream Rolls Art Kit is an ideal gift for a child!

This product is targeted mainly towards children with its vibrant and fun packaging. What we like the most about this ice cream maker is the kit that comes with it.

The kit includes the ice cream pan, spatulas, a long spoon, a Craft City recipe guide, color dyes, and a stencil kit. However, this circular kit is 10 inches in diameter and can only make around 2 kid-sized servings.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect for kids
  • Simple and easy


  • Small in size


740W Happybuy Ice Cream Roll Maker

740W Happybuy Ice Roll Maker

If you are looking to start up your own rolled ice cream venture, you must buy the Happybuy Ice Roll Maker. This ice cream roll maker stays cold long enough to roll all day long.

Unlike other ice cream roll makers, this roll maker can hold and keep cold up to six different ice cream flavors. The roll maker also has a built-in, circular rolling plate, which has a diameter of over thirteen inches.

This ice cream roller is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean. It also has wheels for easy transportation and has copper cooling pipes that take less than 60 seconds to freeze.


  • Has wheels for mobility
  • Freezes very rapidly
  • Can make higher quantities at once


  • Expensive
  • Needs to be assembled
  • Requires maintenance


Gate 35 Ice Cream Roll Maker

Gate 35 Ice Cream Roll Maker

Gate 35 Ice Cream Roll Maker is an affordable, circular rolled ice cream maker. It comes with a kit that includes a spoon, two spatulas, and even some cookie cutters. It needs to freeze for at least 24 hours before use.

This roll maker comes with high-quality spatulas as compared to other ice cream roll makers on this list. It comes in a box that has step-by-step instructions printed on the back.


  • Affordable
  • Has high-quality spatulas
  • Strong plate


  • Does not come with a recipe book
  • Requires 0 degrees or lesser to freeze


Essential Features to Consider When Buying an Ice Cream Roll Maker

Ice Cream Roll Maker Buying Guide

Ice cream roll makers, like any other electrical appliance, come in all shapes sizes and prices. You need to find out what your needs are and purchase one accordingly.

Electric vs Manual

If you are looking to be a home artist or want to have a fun time making rolled ice cream with your children, you probably want a manual ice cream maker that cools the ice pan with ice and salt or some other coolant at the bottom of the pan.

If you are setting up a small business to sell rolled ice cream or setting up a stall at a party for your guests, you would want a more professional ice cream roll maker.

In such cases, an electric machine is your best bet. They are more expensive than manual ones and harder to maintain, but you can’t make rolled ice cream professionally without one.

Hand Crank vs Electric Ice Cream Maker



Ice cream pans can be circular or square. The shape and size can affect how much ice cream you can make at one time. Ice cream roll maker pans typically have a diameter of seven inches to about a foot.

Commercial ice cream roll makers have a larger workspace (about 20 inches) so they can make many ice cream rolls at the same time for customers.

Depending on how many people you want to serve, you can choose an ice cream roller that meets your needs.


Freezing Time

Manual ice cream makers require the coolant to be in the freezer at 0 degrees or lower for at least 24 hours before the ice cream making process. You also need to refrigerate your ingredients to make sure they are cold when you start the process.

However, electric ice cream roll makers take around 30 to 40 minutes to become cold enough to start the process. Depending on how much time you have, you can choose between a manual or electric ice cream roller.


The Final Verdict: Top 5 Ice Cream Roll Makers

For us, the best ice cream roll maker out of the five on our list is…

*drum roll*…

Ete Etmate’s Roll Ice Cream Maker Plate!

It’s affordable, comfortable to use and clean, kid-friendly, and can make large servings!

Unlike most of the ice cream makers on our list, this one is made of high-grade aluminum, and its beautiful square shape makes it a perfect gift as well.

Providing the best value for the price, Ete Etmate’s Roll Ice Cream Maker Plate will give you and your children time to bond together over ice cream and entertain yourselves in the enjoyable activity of creating your very own ice cream.


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