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We provide reviews on all kinds of ice cream makers, including ice cream makers with freezers, gelato makers, and soft serve machines. We also offer tips on how to use your new ice cream maker, as well as recipes.

Our mission is to weigh in on all the aspects of choosing and using an ice cream maker. This includes determining what type suits your household best, how much to spend, whether or not you should go digital, how to maintain the machine—and even which flavors are best.

Our ice cream maker reviews provide the scoop on all of the latest models of ice cream machines, accessories, and more. Whether you are planning to buy one for yourself or looking to give someone else an excellent gift, we can help you out!


About Me

Emily Luchetti is the Chef and owner of two San Francisco Bay Area restaurants: Farallon and Luce. Her food has appeared in many cookbooks and magazines, including Good Housekeeping, Fine Cooking, Food Arts, Food & Wine, Saveur, Food Network Magazine, and Gourmet. In addition to the book she wrote with Cody Sherer, Bakeries (Chronicle Books), Emily has published a 600-page Italian cookbook titled Gelato (Chronicle Books) with her friend, fellow chef Gary Pivetti. Emily writes for the San Francisco Chronicle on occasion and blogs at gaiagelato.com.


I love ice cream. I love gelato. After spending years trying to compare the two, I realized that the key is not to ask what’s better than the other, but instead to simply accept each one for what it is and what it offers.

So I started Gaia Gelato in hopes of sharing my unique point of view on ice cream and gelato and encouraging others to embrace these cold treats for what they are and all that they have to offer.

What began as a passion for making great ice cream and gelato has grown into a continual journey of discovery.

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